• Databanker’s team of internet, software and management professionals predicted the rise of the Privacy Economy and began building solutions for consumers and businesses in 2009.

    Databanker offers large and small enterprises a variety of practical consulting, engineering, and marketing services to help you understand, comply with, and improve your corporate privacy policies. By helping you effectively and efficiently manage risk while addressing customers’ and prospects’ privacy concerns, we will help you unlock the hidden value in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. With improved privacy risk management, you will develop real Business Intelligence built on customer trust as well as a deeper understanding of customers’ perceptions and behaviors.

    What does that mean? Think of us as your Chief Customer Privacy Officer, who can:

    • Examine and document your corporate objectives regarding customer privacy, assess your privacy envelope and map its value and liabilities, uncover privacy contradictions and risks, detail brand positives and negatives, and map your competitors’ positions
    • Deliver recommendations on privacy alignment, consistency, strategic fit, and impact on revenue
    • Assess operational congruence; best practices vs implementation; integration into vendor, partner, and distribution ecosystems; and strategic fit of all privacy efforts
    • Identify and recommend customer loyalty and repurchase opportunities, including customer satisfaction and feedback mechanisms, corporate messaging and advertising campaigns, and privacy-based loyalty programs

    Our leadership in online communities, cutting-edge products, and industry partnerships allows us to give your company a clear, unvarnished view of how well your privacy policies match up with your corporate policies. And if you are already practicing gold-standard privacy, we will help you unlock that soft brand value, just as companies have benefited from developing their green credentials and customer service efforts in the past.

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