• Every list suffers from bias, but here’s one we believe will be helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about the ever-expanding privacy marketplace. Know a person, place, or resource we missed? Let us know…and thanks.

    People and Places Resource
    Alessandro Acquisti Researches the economics of privacy and the behavioral economics of privacy at Carnegie Mellon University Online Privacy Is A Business Issue (HTML) A short but powerful article from Grossman Law Group arguing that privacy is a core business issue.
    Data Ownership in the Cloud One of the leading Linked In groups, discussions cover privacy policy and technologie, data ownership and control, data breaches, and more. Rethinking Personal Data (PDF) Sometimes, a big company gets it right. Vodafone’s paper on how a data-brokerage model can protect consumer privacy.
    Identity Woman Industry maven Kaliya Hamlin’s musings on user-centric identity and data sharing.
    The Failure of Online Social Network Privacy Settings (PDF) A Columbia University study concluding that access control policies are notoriously difficult to configure correctly.
    Norman Sadeh Carnegie Mellon professor and proponent of “privacy by design.”Electronic Privacy Information CenterA leading public-interest group founded in 1994, EPIC is focused on privacy, open government, and free speech. Personal Data: The Emergence of a New Asset Class (PDF) A seminal paper by the World Economic Forum recognizing that personal data – digital data created by and about people – represents a new economic “asset class,” and granting individuals greater control over their data is necessary to create a balanced personal data ecosystem.
    Mydex A British non-profit offering citizens a “personal data store” to better manage interactions with merchants and government agencies. Online Advertising, Behavioral Targeting, and Privacy (HTML) ACM article that foreshadows the potential impact of opt-out in the U.S. and underscores the transient value of targeting data vs. profile data.
    Project Higgins An open-source identity framework designed to integrate identity, profile, and social relationship information across multiple sites, applications and devices. Privacy on the Data Web (HTML) ACM Viewpoint on data ownership on the Web. But it also suggests that the real issue is not ownership, or even security, but privacy.
    The Locker Project An open-source development effort designed to give people ownership over their personal data and clear control over how it’s protected and shared.
    Predicting Social Security Numbers from Public Data (PDF) By Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon. What level of re-identification risk is acceptable? How does it compare with the perceived benefit? A key paper by a leading researcher.
    Pogo Was Right Privacy news from around the world and a leading source of information about data breaches.
    Adaptive Privacy Management for Distributed Systems (PDF) A PhD thesis from 2000 proposing a set of requirements for adaptive privacy management and the design and implementation of a middleware to enable intentional sharing of personal information in networked computing environments.